Homeopathic medicines for male infertility in Aurangabad

Infertility means not being able to become pregnant after a year of trying. If a woman can get pregnant but keeps having miscarriages or stillbirths, that's also called infertility. Infertility is fairly common. After one year of having unprotected sex, about 15 percent of couples are unable to get pregnant.

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Homeopathic medicines for male infertility in Aurangabad



Do you know near, about 15 % of couples are infertile all over the world?

After numerous attempts, couples are incapable of having a child due to infertility in them. Male infertility plays a significant role in couples who are not able to become pregnant.

Like all other places in India, the people of Aurangabad are also facing issues of having children. It can be male infertility that hinders you from having a baby. Well, homoeopathy medicines have effective remedies to treat male infertility. We at Advanced speciality homoeopathy clinic providing the effective treatment for male infertility.

People in Aurangabad know this very well. They have faith in our homoeopathic treatment procedure because the treatment is side effects less with long-term solutions. Today, we are going to discuss various aspects of male infertility. We will discuss the treatment available in homoeopathy for the same ass well. So, continue to read to know in detail.


So, let us understand what male infertility is all about:

Male infertility is a prevalent health issue in men today. Whatever reason behind this, it hinders the opportunity to become pregnant for the female counterpart. Now that we are aware of male infertility let us see the symptoms as well.


Symptoms of male infertility:

The symptoms of male infertility are as follows -

  • A low desire for sex: You will experience a lack of interest in sexual relations with your partner.
  • Fewer sperm counts: Your sperm count will be less than expected.
  • Erection difficulty: It is another significant symptom of male infertility. The problem in erection will hamper the chances of your wife to be pregnant.
  • Pain and swelling: In some of the cases, you may experience pain or swelling in your genital as well.
  • Retrograde ejaculation: In this situation, you will ejaculate the least amount of semen during sex.

You may experience any of these symptoms if you have male infertility. In severe cases, you may experience more than one sign as well.


Now, what are the causes of male infertility?

The causes of male infertility include the following things -

  • Abnormal sperm production: You may suffer from an abnormality in your sperm production. It can be the result of specific health issues like diabetes, infections, genetic defects, etc.
  • Problem in sperm delivery: It can be the result of premature ejaculation, blockage in testicles, specific injury in your reproductive organ, etc.
  • Lifestyle habits: It includes improper diet and inclination towards junk foods. As a result, your body will suffer from a lack of nutritional ingredients. Along with these, certain bad habits like late night sleeping, not doing any exercise, smoking, and drinking, etc., again instigates male infertility.
  • Drug: Certain prescribed drugs may have various side effects. These drugs can lead to male infertility also.
  • Undescended testicle aging: It is another reason for your male infertility. Here it would help if you had proper treatment.
  • Hormonal disorders: Your hormonal disorder can also be another cause of male infertility.

Along with all these, your sperm motility, sperm count, and obesity play a significant role in your infertility.


So, how does the diagnosis of male infertility go?

The diagnosis of male infertility includes different things. There are specific tests that help us to identify the reason behind your male infertility issues. These are -

  • Semen analysis
  • Hormone analysis
  • Examination of your testis

Once we identify the actual cause of your male infertility, then we go for our symptom-based homoeopathic treatment. Now here we are going to discuss the homoeopathic medicines for male infertility treatment: Homoeopathy has different options for treating infertility in men. All these medicines are rich with numerous natural ingredients. So, they have the power to treat the root cause of male infertility.


So, why should you opt for homoeopathy treatment?

Numerous benefits are there in homoeopathy medicines. These are -

  • Safe and high success rate.
  • Near about 85% success rate.
  • Increases your sperm motility, volume, and count.
  • Hormone-free medicines.
  • Long term solution.

Followings are certain medicines available in homoeopathy, which are very helpful. 

Agnus Castus- Increases your physical ability and sexual desire.

Caladium- Treats impotence due to mental depression.

Selenium- Effective in erectile malfunctions.

X-Ray- Increases your low sperm count.

Conium- Very effective in treating infertility due to testicle infections.

Caladium Seguinum (American Arum)- Helps in treating erectile malfunction and premature ejaculation.

Calcarea Carbinica- Controls your high libido and prevents premature ejaculation.

Lycopodium- treats early emission.

If you have any quarry further, make an appointment to visit us.


Till then, stay healthy.

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