Best Homeopathy Treatment for Skin Allergy in Aurangabad

Irritated skin can be caused by a variety of factors. These include immune system disorders, medications and infections. When an allergen is responsible for triggering an immune system response, then it is an allergic skin condition.

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav Created on 1st Apr, 21

Our skin is the first line of defense protecting the insides of our body. The immune system's special cells fill the skin layers, protecting the body and skin from viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. 

When skin cells sense anything suspicious, they set off a chain reaction that causes the region to turn red and inflamed. This is known as an infection, rash, or dermatitis, and it causes itching.

Many people in Aurangabad suffer from skin allergies. The condition occurs when the immune system reacts to an allergen or toxin. People affected by skin allergies often search for the best homoeopathy clinic in Aurangabad for treatment. 


Homoeopathy treatment for skin allergy is the best option, as it seeks to cure the underlying cause. It will provide you permanent relief from your allergy.


Before discussing some homoeopathy remedies for skin allergy, let us understand the common causes that lead to itchy skin.


What are the causes of itchy skin or skin allergies?

itchy skin or skin allergies

1 . Dry skin

Dry skin and itching can be caused by environmental factors such as overly hot or cold weather with low humidity. Excessive washing can also result in dry skin. It is also connected to your age. Hard, scaly, or flaking skin, itching, and a crack in the skin are common symptoms of dry skin.


2. Allergies

An allergic reaction may result in an itchy rash on the skin, as well as itchy skin. When the skin comes into close contact with an allergen, it causes allergic contact dermatitis. A red, itchy rash or eruptions are the result of a skin allergy. 


Allergies may be triggered by certain clothes, pets, chemicals, soaps, and substances such as poison ivy or cosmetics. Food allergies can also cause itchy skin.


3. Eczema

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is the most common skin rash. Eczema typically improves over time. People with eczema are more susceptible to skin infections. The condition is characterized by dry, red, irritated, and itchy skin.


4. Hives or urticaria

Urticaria may or may not be caused by an allergic reaction. Hives manifest as raised red spots, bumps, or welts on the body. The most common causes of acute urticaria are exposure to an allergen or infection. 


Hives are a form of skin inflammation induced by histamine release, a chemical released by our body. Communication with an allergic stimulus, such as a specific food or drug, is the most common cause.


5. Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a skin reaction that occurs when an irritant or allergen encounters your skin. A rash, blisters, scratching, and burning are some of the symptoms you might face. Contact dermatitis can be caused by soaps, laundry detergents, metals, adhesives, topical products, and plants, among other things.


Homoeopathic medicines for skin allergies and itching

Some of the best homoeopathic remedies for skin allergies treatment in Aurangabad include:

  • Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album is helpful for skin conditions such as chronic urticaria, eczema, and psoriasis. This remedy may also be used to treat wounds that have been caused by prolonged exposure to cold.

  • Apis mellifica

It is ideal for urticarial infections that come on unexpectedly and leave welts all over the body. This medication can also be used to treat hives that spread all over the body.

  • Hepar sulphur

Hepar Sulphur is a medicine that can be used to treat wet eruptions on the skin folds and joints. In such situations, the skin is vulnerable to pus formation and becomes extremely sensitive. This remedy can also be used to treat eczema on the scalp.

  • Psorinum

Psorinum is one of the most effective treatments for skin rashes and scratching in the bends of joints, such as the knee or elbow. Itching is intolerable, and constant scratching can cause the skin to become raw or even bleed.

  • Calcarea carbonica

This treatment is for people who are cold and have clammy hands and feet. It is also useful for those who suffer from eczema and cracked skin, which is worse in the winter.


Now that you know some of the homoeopathic remedies available for skin allergy treatment, let us understand some basic steps to relieve itching skin.


How to prevent itchy skin?

Some of the things you can do to prevent or heal itchy skin include:

  • Applying a light moisturizing cream to the skin at least once or twice a day
  • Apply a moist compress to the affected region.
  • Washing or bathing in lukewarm water
  • Dermatitis can be avoided by bathing with mild soaps without perfumes and washing with mild detergent.
  • Avoiding nickel, jewellery, and other chemicals that irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction.
  • Avoiding scratching is the most effective self-care measure. Itching can aggravate skin allergies by causing more inflammation and damage to the skin.


Remember, consult a homoeopathy doctor in Aurangabad before taking any of the remedies mentioned above. A specialist will thoroughly understand your condition and create an individualized treatment plan for you.