Homeopathy Treatment for Weight gain in Aurangabad

In the event that you are attempting to put on weight, homoeopathy meds can turn out to be exceptionally gainful for you. Homoeopathy has different meds that can help underweight individuals and need to put on weight securely.

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav Created on 26th Mar, 21

The majority of people in Aurangabad and nearby areas are concerned about being overweight, but no one is concerned about the dangers of being underweight. 

The truth is that both being overweight and being underweight are dangerous for your health. Avail the best homoeopathy treatment for weight gain from the best homoeopathic doctor in Aurangabad.

You may suffer from low immunity as a result of being underweight. Lower immunity attracts various types of infections repeatedly. Other adverse consequences of being underweight include-

  • Anaemia
  • Fatigue 
  • Hair loss
  • Weak bones 
  • Osteoporosis 

Underweight women are more likely to experience amenorrhea, trouble conceiving, and complications during pregnancy.


So, what are the reasons for being underweight?

Multiple underlying causes may often lead you to underweight. The reasons can include-

  • Family trend: Due to physical traits that run in their family, some people have a naturally low BMI.
  • High rate of metabolism: Even when consuming high-calory foods, if you have a high metabolism rate, you will not gain much weight.
  • Physical activity: If you are an athlete or a person who participates in high levels of physical activity, you will burn a lot of calories and lose your body weight.
  • Chronic diseases: Some diseases cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea daily, making it difficult for you to gain weight. Few medical conditions can cause a decrease in your appetite. Hence you will not be able to adequately. Cancer, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are just a few examples of conditions that may hamper your appetite. 
  • Mental issues: Depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and eating disorders can affect your ability to eat. 

How does homoeopathy work in gaining your body weight? 

Weight Gain Treatment

Since being underweight is common among children and adults, it is important to identify the reasons. So, you can focus on homoeopathic medicines if you want to be completely free of the risks associated with being underweight.


If you are trying to gain weight, homoeopathy medicines can become highly beneficial for you. Homoeopathy has various medications that can help underweight people and want to gain weight safely. 


The selection of weight-gain medications depends on the unique circumstances of each case. The homoeopathic weight gain medicines boost your immunity as well. 


In reality, Homeopathy medicines work by fixing the underlying medical problem that causes weight loss in the first place. Eventually, these medicines improve your overall health too.


Weight gaining homoeopathic medicines: 

Check out this list of the best homoeopathic medications for weight gain; these treatments have no adverse effects on your health and will help you gain weight. Our best homoeopathy clinic in Aurangabad can increase your appetite and digestion by treating you with these remedies.


Ignatia: This specific homoeopathic medication can entirely remove various types of eating disorders, especially bulimia and anorexia, which cause underweight problems. Through this remedy's daily use, you can overcome your fear of losing weight and live a healthier lifestyle. 


On the other hand, emotional well-being can be successfully managed so that you can think all of the time positively. Ignatia can help you gain weight by suppressing unnecessary appetite suppression, which is why it is the perfect homoeopathic treatment for weight gain.


Lycopodium: This homoeopathic drug is often prescribed for teenagers and children who have been underweight for a long time and want to gain weight quickly. It can enhance your digestive health and change your eating habits to get the nutrition you need to stay healthy.


Alfalfa tonic: It is an effective homoeopathic tonic for weight gain. It has a long list of advantages, which is why physicians recommend it to underweight patients. It is possible to gain weight and increase appetite. Balmain, nervous indigestion and malnutrition can all be effectively handled with this remedy.  


Sepia: It is the most effective homoeopathic remedy for weight gain. It quickly aids in the restoration of your usual appetite, allowing you to maintain a healthy weight. Hormonal imbalance can cause appetite loss, and this type of unhealthy condition can be controlled with this medication.


If you have tried a variety of homoeopathic treatments to gain weight but not able to see the results you want, you can speak with a homoeopathic specialist for homoeopathy and weight gain treatment


Our doctor can assess the root cause of the issue. He will handle the condition with utmost care and you will return to your average healthy body weight.