Homoeopathy Treatment for Cold sores in Aurangabad

Cold sores are a broad inconvenience that we treat at our homoeopathy Centre in Aurangabad. Numerous causes can lead to mouth blisters disease. Yet, you ought to get an appropriate mouth blis111ters treatment in Aurangabad to forestall delayed torment.

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav Created on 2nd Apr, 21

Cold sores are a widespread complication that we treat at our homoeopathy clinic in Aurangabad. Many causes can lead you to cold sores infection. But you should get a proper cold sores treatment in Aurangabad to prevent prolonged suffering. 

Herpes Simplex, also known as cold sores, is caused by a viral infection. Itching, burning blisters appear on the lips, but they may also appear within the mouth or nostrils or on the chin or cheeks. 


There may be a crusty patch of broken skin after the blisters split, leading to secondary infection.


Stress, exhaustion, hormonal changes, emotional trauma, sun exposure, and a generally compromised immune system are common causes of the cold sore.


Let us see the symptoms of cold sores:

symptoms of cold sores

In most cases, a cold sore goes through several stages; these include-


Itching and tingling: 

For a day or more, you may experience itchiness, burning, or tingling around your lips until a small, hard, painful spot appears and blisters erupt.


Painful blisters: 

Usually, small fluid-filled blisters erupt around your lip's edge. They can appear around your nose, on the cheeks, or even within your mouth.


Oozing and crusting: 

These small blisters can swell together and then burst, leaving open sores that can bleed and crust over.


Based on whether this is the first infection or a recurrence, the symptoms will differ. Symptoms of a cold sore may take up to 20 days to appear after you have been exposed to the infection for the first time. The blisters can take two to three weeks to recover fully, and the sores can last several days. 


What are the causes of developing cold sores?

Since the infection quickly spreads by contact with contaminated body fluids, cold sores are more infectious with oozing blisters. Many individuals who are afflicted with the cold sore virus never show any signs or symptoms.


After the cold sore infection, the virus remains inactive of nerve cells in the skin and may reappear in the same location as before. The following factors can cause recurrence:

  • Fever or viral infection
  • Abnormal hormonal changes 
  • Fatigue due to Stress
  • Sunlight and wind exposure
  • Immune system alterations
  • Skin injury


Homoeopathy medicines can provide you relief from cold sores and all related complications. Dr Yogesh Yadav is one of the best homoeopathic doctor in Aurangabad who offers the best remedy for cold sores.

Following are few homeopathic remedies that can be useful in cold sores treatment:


Apisis: It is a particular treatment that relieves skin oedema by acting on cellular tissues. You can get relief from tingling, sensitivity, soreness, and burning of the skin after using this remedy.


Arsenicum: It is recommended for frequent skin eruptions with swelling. These painful blisters can ulcerate if exposed to cold or you eat shellfish. 


Cantharis: It is used to treat large blisters that are burning and bleeding. The cold sore is itchy and uncomfortable to the touch, but the key driving symptom is burning pain.


Hepar sulf: It is beneficial to treat cold sores that produce pus, take a long time to heal, and are very sensitive to touch. 


Nat Mur: It is a popular remedy for treating cold sores. When administered at the first sign of tingling and burning, it may help prevent or shorten the episode. Nat Mur is widely used to treat skin conditions, such as dry, broken corners of the mouth and when cold sores tend to break and bleed. 


Rhus tox: It should be used to treat ulcerated mouth corners and fever-blisters across the mouth and chin. It helps to dry the sore. 


Sepia: It is very effective to treat cold sores that cause swelling and cracks on the lower lip. Blisters and sores may appear on the lips or around the mouth and nose, and they are itchy and tingly. In most cases, inactive women frequently experience these symptoms, particularly during pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause. 


Cold sore outbreaks may also occur by foods rich in the amino acid and arginine, in addition to the cases mentioned above. Nuts, seeds, grains, and chocolate are high in arginine, so we at our best homoeopathy clinic in Aurangabad suggest you avoid them.