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What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is a long-term medical situation where you develop pale white patches on your skin. You can experience it at any age, irrespective of gender or ethnicity. 


Our chief, Dr. Yogesh Jadhav the best homoeopathy doctor in Aurangabad performs symptom-based and holistic homoeopathy treatment for Vitiligo.


Generally, you can see vitiligo on the face, neck, and hands. However, it may affect any part of your skin.


The pale portions of your skin generally have a significantly less amount of melanin. As a result, those areas of your skin are more vulnerable to sunburn. You need to take care of those portions when you are out in the sun.


Symptoms of vitiligo:

  • Vitiligo generally begins as a pale spot-on skin that slowly turns white. The center of the patch might be white, with paler around it. The patchy area might be somewhat pink instead of white if there are blood vessels under the skin.
  • The outer part of the patches either be smooth or rough. It can be inflamed and red, or there is a discoloration (hyperpigmentation).
  • Vitiligo doesn't make your skin uneasy, for example, dryness; however, you may experience irritation on the patches once in a while.
  • The condition is always different from individual to individual. A few people get a couple of little white patches, yet others can develop more significant white spots that become large in the upcoming times.
  • It is highly unpredictable how much skin it will influence. The white patches are typically perpetual.

Type of vitiligo:


•Non-segmental: you can develop this type of vitiligo in any part of your body. It is widespread amongst the patients.


•Mucosal : It includes mucous development in your mouth or genitals.



Focal : It is a rare type of vitiligo where the macules grow in a tiny area and generally do not spread rapidly.


Trichome : It shows a white center, and then gradually, the patch dissolves with your natural skin colour.


Universal : It is the rarest one where more than 80 percent of your body's skin develops those white patches. We can classify vitiligo into the following types.


Segmental : You can see this type of vitiligo on one side of your body or anyone part of your body.


What are the reasons for developing vitiligo?

Though the causes of vitiligo development are not fully understood yet, we can point the following-

  • Genetic factors: Near about 30 percent of vitiligo cases develop within the family.
  • Self-destruction: Sometimes, defective melanocytes can cause self-destruction and result in vitiligo.
  • Autoimmune disorder: If you are suffering from an autoimmune disorder, your immune system may hamper the melanocytes. It can result in vitiligo.
  • Neurogenic factors: The release of a toxic substance at the end of your nerve can also grow vitiligo.

Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo:

Here are some of the very suitable homeopathic medicines which can treat vitiligo very well.

  • Calcarea Carb - It is very beneficial in treating white spots on your skin.
  • Arsenic Album - We prescribe this medicine for people having vitiligo with dry and rough skin.
  • Sepia - This medicine is beneficial for people with vitiligo.
  • Silicea - Silicea is another excellent remedy for vitiligo treatment.
  • Sulfur - It can work to cure any skin problems.
  • Ars Sulph Flavum - It is one of the rarest and most effective medicine for vitiligo.
  • Hydrocotyle Asiatica - It helps in stimulating pigmentation on your discoloured skin.
  • Kali Carb - It helps treat your skin's dryness where there are light-coloured spots all over your body, and you feel a burning sensation.
Homoeopathy Medicines

Why is homeopathy good for vitiligo?

There are many reasons available to us that can support homeopathy medicines' benefits in the treatment of vitiligo. These reasons are as follows-

  • Homeopathy medicines are made of all-natural ingredients without any chemical components.
  • There are no side effects of homeopathy medicines as they come from all-natural ingredients.
  • It treats the root cause of vitiligo along with all the symptoms.
  • The result it brings is long-lasting in manner.
  • There will be no scar after the treatment.
  • The opportunity of recurrence is significantly less once the treatment ends.
  • It gives you a holistic approach to healing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. It can never transmit from one person to another more than that; it is a genetic disease.

Your diet should consist of vegetables, fruits, proteins (both plant and animal), dairy products, whole grain, herbs, and spices. All of these should be there in a proper quantity. It means you will require a balanced diet to stay healthy in vitiligo.

Homoeopathy treatment works slowly but very effectively. You need to be patient to see the result. At the same time, the treatment time varies from person to person according to their situation.