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Do you feel anxious, depressed or confused?

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If yes, then please visit us at The Healing Centre-Advanced Homeopathy Clinic homeopathy clinic in Pune. Here, we offer personalized counselling, guidance and customized treatment for all your mental problems.

The highest and crucial level through which the human being functions is the mental level. Your mental plane records the differences in understanding and consciousness, reflecting the true nature of that person. It allows an individual to think, to complete, and to know the purpose of life. 


Why choose the Healing Centre-Advanced Homeopathy Clinic?


Dr. Yogesh Jadhav, one of the leading homoeopathic doctor in Pune founded the Healing Centre-Advanced Homeopathy Clinic in 2016. 


He has treated more than 10,000 patients to date. Our centre has state of the art medical infrastructure that empowers our team of highly qualified and experienced doctors to provide comfort to our patients. 


Dr Yogesh Jadhav prescribes the most effective and customized treatment based on the patient's condition requirements. We operate the US-made ‘Mac Repertory Synergy Software’. It helps determine the right medicine for every patient. 


At the Healing Centre, we own 5000+ varieties of medications. These medicines are of Germany and France origin and useful in treating a wide range of diseases. 


Homoeopathic Treatment of Mental Disorders

Homoeopathy is one of the most widespread holistic methods of medicine. The selection of treatment relies upon the principles of individualization and symptoms similarity by utilising the holistic approach. 



It is the only method that can regain the state of complete health by eliminating all the sign and symptoms the patient is suffering. The purpose of homoeopathy is to treat mental disorders and determine their underlying cause.


As far as the therapeutic remedy is concerned, many medications are available to tackle mental issues. These medicines can be chosen based on reason, sensations and modalities of the illnesses. 


For personalized and effective treatment, you should consult a qualified homoeopath in person. 

There are various homoeopathic medicines used in the treatment of several mental disorders, including:

  1. Aconite - Fear, anxiety, or shock
  2. Apis mellifica - Feelings of irritability, tearfulness, fear of being alone, restlessness or nervousness
  3. Arnica Montana - Shock, trauma, fearfulness, and forgetfulness
  4. Arsenicum album - Restlessness, fear, irritability, or sleeplessness
  5. Belladonna - Shock, convulsions, rage, delirium
  6. Bryonia alba - Dizziness, irritability, depression
  7. Cantharis vesicatoria - Severe anxiety

Symptoms of mental disorders

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss of self-confidence
  • Unexplainable mood changes
  • Rudeness or aggression
  • An illogical demand for perfectionism
  • Habitual underachievement
  • The inability to accept responsibilities
  • Self-destructive acts
  • Sexual deviation
  • A sudden change in sleeping habits
  • Dullness
  • Loss of concentration
  • Confusion
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Phobia

Benefits of Homoeopathy Treatment

  • Complete Science : Homoeopathy is a comprehensive medical science that has a clear-cut benefit over other practices of medicine. It considers the individual, their mental and physical make-up. It also examines the complete evolution of the condition while prescribing medication.
  • Aims at eliminating the root cause of the disease : In conventional practice, the doctor spends limited time with the patient. They may listen to your problems and prescribe medication for that particular suffering only. But a Homeopath will investigate the reason behind the ailment and find the root of the disease.
  • Holistic Methodology : The homoeopathic physician takes a complete history of the patient. It also includes physical complaints, characteristics and emotional state. Homoeopathy has a two-fold benefit. One, a detailed history elicits the root cause/s of the illness. And second, it is a proper channel for the patient to release their inner thoughts and feel better.
  • No Side Effects : A homoeopathy is a side-effect-free approach that is mild on health. Homoeopathic medicines are derivates of natural elements. The dosages prescribed by a qualified homoeopath are never more than the patient needs.
  • Boosts Immunity : Homoeopathy acts by stimulating and restoring your body's vital energy to treat. During this point, you will get rid of each of your ailments major or minor. Since homoeopathy improves immunity, it protects you from future diseases also.
  • Safest Medicine : Homoeopathy is very safe, even for pregnant females and babies. You can take homoeopathic medicines along with other medications. It does not cause any adverse side-effects. Homoeopathic medicines do not lead to any drug dependence or substance abuse.
  • Preventive capacity : Homoeopathy works as defensive medicine. It helps to retain the healthy state of the patient without getting affected by the environment. Medications can be given as prophylactics to protect an individual from a contagious infection.
  • Useful in Pandemic diseases : Homoeopathic medicine can be beneficial during epidemics. Accurately selected remedies can prevent a person from getting the epidemic disease.

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