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Best Doctor, and very Co-operative staff. Highly recommended in order to get faster recovery. I can say the best homeopathic clinic in Aurangabad and Pune

I had pimples and marks issues but after visiting I saw a dramatic change, I am much happy with the results. Thank you Dr Yogesh

Dear Sir, We thank you for your devotion, dedication to the patient's care and we express our gratitude for your support in Kidney stone treatment, Kidney stone is nil now, USG reports are normal. Special thanks for sending medicine to Mumbai by courier. Our Best wishes to Dr. Yogesh and Thanks a lot for your support as Always 🙏

The best treatment with permanent cure with care. Dr is very acknowledged in his field of homeopathy. The best homeopathy treatment I got for psoriasis from the healing center I would say it,s the best homeopathy center in Aurangabad Pune

I have had warts on my palm for 4 years and I have taken treatment of allopathy much time but no result then I visit the dr Yogesh Jadhav homeopathy clinic for allergy rhinitis and warts.. within 3 months treatment my warts is completely cure.. and also improvement in allergic rhinitis... doctor is very calm and brings positivity in life... Thanks, dr Yogesh Jadhav.

Dr. Yogesh is very co operative and polite in nature. His way of handling patient is very good. Most importantly his diagnosis and treatment is perfect. He is really a master of homeopathy. I had suffered Pancreatitis 2 years back and having pseudocyst in my abdomen from 4 months, I contacted Dr Yogesh on phone. He prescribed me medicines and last 2 months I am taking medicines and feeling really well. Thank you Dr. Yogesh Nitin Patil

There will be so little to thank you for, sir, and I can't put it into words, you won't miss seeing Avani in such a nice photo, sir, if I can help you in any small way in life, give me a chance, I will definitely come forward for you someday. I feel so bad seeing Avani in a swollen body, tears come to my eyes, my mind says whoever heals my daughter will be God to me and you healed her, of course, you are God to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart sir I can't say in words, yesterday I was not able to say that my daughter is beautiful but today I can say that yes my daughter is very beautiful, your hard work has definitely paid off, sir I am really thankful to you.

Very best dr he gave perfect treatment to my father for aplastic anemia. My all family members consulting to Dr regarding any health issues. One of the best trusted Dr Yogesh jadhav. Thank you so much Dr!

Hi, my name is Nilesh. I have been suffering from a disease like psoriasis for the last 2 years. I had psoriasis on my feet. All the skin of my feet used to come out. A lot of dirty water used to come out of it. I used to have itchy feet. To get rid of the scabs, I went to a very renowned dermatologist in Aurangabad. But I got no treatment there. Some dr. I was told that this disease is for you and will last for the rest of your life. You just have to take care. You have to apply the cream every day. I did that too. But I didn't care. After a few days, my legs started to bleed. I used to suffer a lot. I used to have a lot of mental stress. I still remember that day of my life, a gentleman came to my shop, I was applying foot cream. They asked me and I told them everything about the disease. He called me Dr. Talking about Yogesh Jadhav Sara. And he assured me that your illness would be cured. I went to the hospital the next day without any thought and did not meet Yogesh Sir, he assured me that your illness will be cured in the next 2 months. And I took the medicine they gave me. Within a few days, that is, 20 days, I began to see the difference. In 3 months my complete illness was cured. I am forever indebted to Yogesh Jadhav Sir.I will never forget you. The service you are doing is a great service. Dr. I know what I mean. Thank you very much, sir. What you are doing is really serving God. God bless you. Thank you so much, Sir.

Heartly Thanks to Dr. Yogesh Sir. Dr. Yogesh Sir is very cooperative and helpful in nature. He gave me a very nice treatment for Alopecia Areata. I have suffered for the last 6 months. I was very worried about my hair fall and Alopecia. But I got the result within 6 Months from this THE HEALING CENTER Homoeopathic Clinic in Aurangabad because of only Dr. Yogesh Sir. Again Thanks Very Much to Dr.Yogesh Sir And Staff

I was suffering from IGA Nephrology since November 19. Creatinine was 3.9. Allopathy medicines were started along with 80mg steroid. In the month of Jan. 20, I came to know about Dr. Yogesh Jadhav and I started Homeopathic medicines along with. The results were miraculous. Right now creatinine level has dropped down below 2 and allopathic medicines are almost stopped. Homeopathy does magic

Thanks, dr Yogesh Jadhav and the healing center team for wonderful care and treatment. I had hypothyroidism and every doctor suggested me Eltroxin medicines for my issue..but when I consulted my problem to Dr. Yogesh Jadhav. he treated me with homeopathy. when I consulted him at that time my TSH level was more than 100. but now it's very normal. below 5 it is..thanks dr Yogesh sir and the team