Homoeopathic Treatment- Benefits, Do’s and Don’ts

Homeopathic medicine views symptoms of illness as normal responses of the body as it attempts to regain health. Homeopathy is based on the idea that "like cures like." That is, if a substance causes a symptom in a healthy person, giving the person a very small amount of the same substance may cure the illness.

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Homoeopathic Treatment- Benefits, Do’s and Don’ts

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Homoeopathy focuses on the entire human body. It functions on a belief that each part of your body is connected to the other. So, curing one part leads to healing the whole body. A homoeopathy specialist, apart from prescribing medicines, will also provide you with information about:

How to respond to emotionally charged conditions

Dietary changes

Lifestyle changes and much more

The prescribed medicines have a small dosage of the disease-causing element. The typical belief is that small but frequent doses of the disease-causing elements will negate the disease after some time.

The following are the benefits of homoeopathy treatment and medicines:

Reduces anxiety and depression

  • Medical practice prescribes relieving medicines to people who suffer from anxiety, depression and mental illness.
  • Homoeopathy understands the symptoms of any mental illness. Symptoms indicate that the body is either countering or adapting to that illness. It is very effective in treating mild to moderate depression.
  • Homoeopaths usually find that it is preferable to prescribe customized homoeopathic remedies to each patient. This allows them to attain better long-term sustained results. They do not have to take continual doses of any medicine (natural or otherwise).
  • Researchers have also found that individualized homoeopathic treatment for depression is effective and safer than allopathic treatments.

Treats asthma permanently

  • Asthma is a chronic disease that results in the inflammation of the air tracts. It causes chest pain, cough, breathlessness or shortness of breath. Genetics, irritants, allergens, cold or cough can trigger asthma.
  • Homoeopathy focuses on the cause that leads to the growth of asthma. After that, your specialist will prescribe long-duration medicines. Consuming these medicines can lead to complete recovery.

Homoeopathy helps in weight loss

Homoeopathy helps people to lose weight efficiently. Homoeopathy takes into consideration:

  • Fat zones in your body
  • Your dietary preferences
  • Digestive process
  • Emotional stability
  • After that, a homoeopathy doctor will prescribe medicines that help you lose weight.

Improves body resistance and immunity

  • Homoeopathy looks beyond the labels of disease. It cures their causes rather than merely their easing the symptoms. Homoeopathy stimulates the body’s immunity to natural healing powers to bring health, vitality and well-being. It does not treat superficially by just relaxing the symptoms but heals you from inside.
  • Homoeopathic doctors relate individual characteristics of environmental influences, infectious agents and potential stressors to specific homoeopathic medicines. After that, they prescribe, medicines which have similar characteristics to the illness. This allows your body to develop antibodies that can fight the illness, curing you naturally.

No surgery required and cost-effective

Homoeopathy is cost-effective, safe and natural. It plays an instrumental role in helping your body heal from surgeries. It can also prevent surgery in some cases. However, under extreme conditions, even a homoeopathy doctor will suggest surgery. Homoeopathy works well if you address and treat your symptoms when they first start showing.

Guide to Using Homeopathy Medicines

Homoeopathic medicines come with specific instructions. These instructions guide you to use homoeopathic medication effectively. You should take the medication at a particular time and in a specific amount.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for correctly taking homoeopathic medicines:



1. 30 minutes rule

It would be best if you rinse food particles from your mouth before you take homoeopathic medicine. It is because homoeopathic medicine gets absorbed from the mucus membrane of your mouth. A coating of food particles can prevent the absorption of the medication. Abstain from consuming anything for 30 minutes before taking medicine.

2. Consult your doctor

Homoeopathy is harmless. However, you should consult your doctor before blending it up with allopathic medicines or increasing its dosage.

3. Storage

Homoeopathic medicines are very delicately, balanced blends. So, homoeopaths recommend storing all your homoeopathic medicines in cool, dark and dry places.


To make your homoeopathic treatment more effective, avoid the following:

1. Do not touch your pill

It is better not to touch your pill. Water or oil from your palm can react with the pills, making them less effective on ingestion. Liquid homoeopathic medicine comes with a dropper, so use them. If you are taking pills, it is better to pour the required amount on the cap of the bottle and then consume.

2. Do not use after expiration

Homoeopathic medicines are made from natural ingredients. So, some people believe that they can be stored indefinitely and are safe to use after expiration. It is not the case; you should be careful of the expiration dates of all your medicines. Homoeopathy treatment promises you permanent relief from many diseases. However, there are some cases where homoeopathy alone cannot make a difference. Consult a homoeopathic specialist for a better insight into what works best for your condition.

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