Homeopathy Treatment for Psoriasis in Aurangabad

Is your skin covered with thick, silvery scales?

Do you have dry or cracked skin?

Are you suffering from itching, burning, or soreness?

If yes, then you need an effective and permanent solution for such skin problems. Homoeopathy can address all the above issues safely and efficiently. 

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that causes itchy, red, scaly patches, mostly on the knees, elbows, trunk, scalp, etc. Visit us at Advanced Speciality Homeopathy Clinic and consult Dr Yogesh Jadhav, the best Homeopathy Doctor in Aurangabad for effectual and cost-efficient Psoriasis Treatment in Aurangabad. 


Why choose us?

Dr Yogesh Jadhav founded the Advanced Speciality Homeopathy Centre in 2016. 

With extensive knowledge and skills, Dr Jadhav treated 10,000+ patients in a short span.


These qualities make him one of the best Homeopathy Doctor in Aurangabad. Besides, he chooses the most effective medicine based on the patient’s condition. 


At Advanced Speciality Clinic, we prescribe medications that are made in Germany and France. Our in-house pharmacy has 5000+ different medicines that can treat various diseases. 


We use the US-made ‘Mac Repertory Synergy Software.’ It helps to find the proper medication for each patient. These advancements make Advanced Speciality one of the best Homeopathy Clinic in Aurangabad.


What is Psoriasis?

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Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease where the immune system attacks the skin cells. It results in the rapid growth of cells, leading to Psoriasis. Our doctor identifies Psoriasis based on visible symptoms, medical history, and analysis of the lesions. 


Psoriasis is complicated and hard to treat. It has been a challenge to the medical faculty, as most Psoriasis cases tend to relapse even after applying modern treatments.


Different Methods of Treating Psoriasis

methods of psoriaisis
  • There are many ways, methods, and therapies used to treat Psoriasis. Various methods produce effects, which may last for differing durations.
  • The psoriasis treatment modalities include conventional, modern, and alternative medicines such as Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Allopathy, Phototherapy, etc.
  • The treatment includes different methods such as topical therapy, oral medicines, phototherapy, injections, and acupuncture.

Topical Treatment:

As Psoriasis is a skin disease, people consider treating it by applying several skin medications. The application of lotions or creams on the skin is called topical therapy.


According to Homeopathy, Psoriasis is an immunological disease of the skin. The topical treatment is short-lasting and superficial. When you treat Psoriasis with topical medicine, it may relapse or come back.


Conventional Treatment: 

Traditional medicines or allopathic medicine uses more immunosuppressive medications. These medicines don't treat the root cause of the disease. It temporarily treats its sign and symptoms.


Homoeopathic Treatment for Psoriasis

Treatment for Psoriasis

Homoeopathy for Psoriasis addresses the immunological factors responsible for its growth and spread. Our immune system is managed by a host of genetic, environmental, physical, emotional, and hormonal factors. 


So, psoriasis treatment with homoeopathy aims to comprehensively examine the Psoriasis patient. The homoeopathic medicines are prepared using the most distinctive technique called Potentization. 


This method releases the hidden therapeutic nano-particles from the source materials. The source materials include medicinal plants, minerals, chemicals, animal products, etc.


Homoeopathic medications are available in the form of oral pills. Homoeopathy does not believe in applying any medicinal substance on the skin to heal it, except using moisturizer.


Some common homoeopathic medicines for psoriasis treatment include:

  • Graphites
  • Kali carbonicum
  • Thuja occidentalis
  • Mezereum
  • Psorinum
  • Kali sulphuricum
  • Sulfur
  • Arsenicum album
  • Lycopodium clavatum

Non-medicinal Moisturizer:

The use of moisturizer forms a crucial part of the psoriasis treatment, despite the type of medicines you use as primary therapy. The use of moisturizers can help reduce the extreme scaling, dryness, and itching of the skin.


We recommend one or more of the following moisturizers:

  • Petroleum jelly
  • Coconut oil or olive oil
  • Aloe vera

Benefits of Homeopathy Treatment for Psoriasis

Homoeopathy works on your immune system and normalizes your over-active immune system. It controls the symptoms of Psoriasis efficiently without any side-effects.


The source of homoeopathic medicines includes natural substances like plants, minerals, etc. Hence, homoeopathic medicines are safe and do not cause any complications.


The homoeopathic treatment acts on the root cause of Psoriasis and helps eliminate it.

Homoeopathic medicines are specific to every patient. It examines the detailed medical history and other factors to give you a customized Psoriasis treatment.


Homoeopathy for Psoriasis provides long-lasting relief. It completely cures the condition over some time.


Useful Tips for Psoriasis

  1. Resist Scratching
  2. Reduce Stress
  3. Eat healthy food
  4. Have Warm Baths
  5. Avoid Triggers
  6. Stop Smoking and Limit Alcohol

If you're considering Psoriasis, you should visit the Advanced Speciality Homeopathy Clinic and book an appointment with Dr Yogesh Jadhav for effective, long-term, and affordable treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Homoeopathy works effectively on patients suffering from Psoriatic Arthritis. Homoeopathic medicines control the pain, stiffness, and swelling by focusing on the root cause of the disease. It provides long-lasting comfort and decreases re-occurrence risk.

Psoriasis produces red, scaly, and itchy patches on the skin. It can appear like a rash, so you may worry that you could get it from someone else or transfer it to others. But don't worry, it's non-contagious. You cannot get the disease by touching someone who has it.

If over 10% of your body is affected or larger areas on your face, palms, or feet have patches, you have severe psoriasis. It can also be regarded as severe if it remains untreated and severely affects your quality of life.

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