Homoeopathy Treatment for Cold sores

Homoeopathy Treatment for Cold sores in Aurangabad

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav
Created on 2nd Apr, 21

Cold sores are a broad inconvenience that we treat at our homoeopathy Centre in Aurangabad. Numerous causes can lead to mouth blisters disease. Yet, you ought to get an appropriate mouth blis111ters treatment in Aurangabad to forestall delayed torment.

Treatment for Skin Allergy

Best Homeopathy Treatment for Skin Allergy in Aurangabad

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav
Created on 1st Apr, 21

Irritated skin can be caused by a variety of factors. These include immune system disorders, medications and infections. When an allergen is responsible for triggering an immune system response, then it is an allergic skin condition.

Treatment for weight gain

Homeopathy Treatment for Weight gain in Aurangabad

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav
Created on 26th Mar, 21

In the event that you are attempting to put on weight, homoeopathy meds can turn out to be exceptionally gainful for you. Homoeopathy has different meds that can help underweight individuals and need to put on weight securely.

Homeopathy treatment for Sinus

Homeopathy Treatment for Sinus

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav
Created on 13th Mar, 21

Homoeopathy has a wide scope of utilization since it can build life quality and lighten your torment. Increment your work execution during intense sinusitis assaults and stay away from chronicity by improving your concentration at work.

treatment for PCOS

Homeopathic treatment for PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav
Created on 8th Mar, 21

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a broad issue among ladies. It's a hormonal condition that makes sores fill in your ovary. Your ovarian growth will at last quit delivering eggs routinely. As an outcome, your period cycle gets sporadic.


Can homeopathy treat migraine?

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav
Created on 2nd Mar, 21

A migraine can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually on one side of the head. It's often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine attacks can last for hours to days, and the pain can be so severe that it interferes with your daily activities.

Warts treatment in Aurangabad

Can homeopathy treat warts?

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav
Created on 22nd Feb, 21

Warts are skin growths that are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are more than 60 kinds of HPV, some of which tend to cause warts on the skin. HPV stimulates quick growth of cells on the skin's outer layer. In most cases, common warts appear on the fingers, near the fingernails, or on the hands.

Doctor showing a Prototype of kidney stones

Homeopathy treatment for kidney stones

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav
Created on 15th Feb, 21

Kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals and acid salts that stick together in concentrated urine. They can be painful when passing through the urinary tract, but usually don't cause permanent damage. The most common symptom is severe pain, usually in the side of the abdomen, that's often associated with nausea. Treatment includes pain relievers and drinking lots of water to help pass the stone. Medical procedures may be required to remove or break up larger stones.

Homeopathic treatment for ulcerative colitis in Aurangabad

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav
Created on 22nd Jan, 21

Ulcerative colitis (UL-sur-uh-tiv koe-LIE-tis) is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes inflammation and ulcers (sores) in your digestive tract. Ulcerative colitis affects the innermost lining of your large intestine (colon) and rectum. Symptoms usually develop over time, rather than suddenly.Ulcerative colitis can be debilitating and can sometimes lead to life-threatening complications. While it has no known cure, treatment can greatly reduce signs and symptoms of the disease and bring about long-term remission.

Homeopathic Treatment for Heart Failure

Dr. Yogesh Jadhav
Created on 16th Jan, 21

Heart failure, sometimes called congestive heart failure, happens when your heart muscle does not pump blood properly.

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